"Be careful what you wish for...you might get it!"

The Nine of Cups
is the Wish Card

There are 78 cards in the deck, average throw is 25 cards.
So, statistically, if the NINE of CUPS card shows up, it’s time to pay attention!

The Nine of Cups in a throw indicates a heightened ability to manifest your desires.

The position of the Nine of Cups in a throw indicates where the wish potential is strongest, and often, tells me how quickly your desires could happen

A hand holding a Nine of Cups Tarot card.

"If you knew you had the power to make your wishes come true...wouldn't you make a GREAT WISH?”

Wish altar with smaller candles surrounding a taller candle in center with image in background. There is a crystal ball placed on left and religious statue on right of altar.

Wish Altars

WISH ALTARS are a lovely form of Vision Board, Goal List or Life TO DO’s, just add candles and pray!

In truth, candles are nothing but wax and string, but the flickering flame has always indicated the Presence of the Divine. The entire history of mankind is defined by our use of fire…
In the caves our ancestors dreamt up civilization while staring into fires.
All world religions have a flame in their sanctuaries.

Go For It!

Your wishes should be personal, often very specific and ultimately achievable.

The very act of writing down your hopes and dreams is a tangible form of practical magic:
The floating thought becomes a reality with a stroke of the pen.
Once established, your energy inevitably flows toward the written goal.

Honor the light and set your intentions.

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